Volunteer opportunities with Moseley Alternative Giving Campaign (MAGC)

The Moseley Alternative Giving Campaign was set up in response to residents’ concerns regarding homelessness, begging, and anti-social behaviour, often alcohol-related, in and around Moseley. The campaign provides a way to help people in genuine need, while also helping end incidents of intimidation or deception. We encourage residents to donate via collecting tins rather than giving directly to people asking for money on the street. The money collected is then distributed in the form of a grant, via a panel and a referral by a professional worker, to address, where possible, the immediate and, hopefully, the longer term needs of people who may find themselves on the streets, due to issues such as homelessness, alcohol or drug addiction, family problems, or mental illness.

We are looking to increase the numbers of volunteers currently working with MAGC and we are particularly looking for volunteers with any of the following experience or skills:

  • Writing &distributing press releases (computer skills and access to a computer required)
  • Delivering leaflets to shops and residential areas
  • Helping with our community market stall (last Saturday of the month)
  • Interviewing the public for research
  • Collecting and counting donations
  • Participating in the project steering group meetings
  • Experience of homelessness or of working for a support organisation.
  • Event organisation
  • Fund raising

Travel and some lunch expenses will be available.

Please contact Helen Rehman on helen.rehman@ashrammoseleyha.org.uk with a brief description of which areas you would like to volunteer in and to arrange an interview.


A small grants programme available to projects in Birmingham East and North which includes Moseley and Kings Heath

The criteria and process for the funding pot ‘Unity In The Community’ have now been confirmed. Application forms and a facebook site should be available in the next ten days, but the timescale is limited so I want all Moseley and Kings Heath Groups to have the information now so they can start thinking about making a bid. The money is part of the Active Citizens Proceeds of Crime Act money that is distributed by West Midlands Police, however, for our area (Birmingham East and North) the money is being administered via a Participatory Budgeting Process

All bids that meet the criteria will be invited to give a 3 minute presentation to an audience from the local community, that audience will vote on all the presentations and the money will be awarded to the most popular in decreasing order until the money runs out. There will be other funders such as ‘Awards For All’ present at the event who may be able to support bids that are not succesfful.

Below is the information on the criteria and the process, please let me know if you have any questions. I’d like an idea of how many bids are likely to go in from our area, so please let me know if you are bidding, and you are welcome to attend the presentation event and vote, even if you are not bidding (the more who attend from our area the better!)

  • Total fund available is around £60,000
  • Bids to be presented at a public meeting as a presentation of 3 minutes – this timing is strict and there will be a timekeeper on stage.
  • Audience then vote on all bids.
  • Points are totalled and bids are funded from the most popular down until money runs out. Results will be announced at the event
  • The maximum amount per bid is £6000 however
  • An organisation can make up to 3 separate bids, but the combined total must not exceed £6000
  • Bids are welcomed from any sector (public, private, third etc)
  • Bidding organisations can be any size
  • Bidders must be over the age of 12 (under 16’s should be accompanied by a trusted adult)
  • Bidders can be based anywhere, but the benefits and beneficiaries of the projects should be within the Birmingham East and North policing area.
  • Bidding groups must be constituted and have a bank account OR be supported by an umbrella organisation (such as Moseley Community Development Trust) that holds these responsibilities on their behalf.


These are the key dates for this process:


Deadline for submission of bids:                                  midnight on February 14th


Successful bidders will be informed on:                    February 15th.


Presentation event                                                            Saturday 4th March, 10 – 4pm

(inc lunch at the Greek Centre, Erdington, all bidders and voters need to attend the entire event).


I will publish links to the application form as soon as I have them, if you have any questions contact me on helen.rehman@ashrammoseleyha.org.uk