Sorrento Play Park, Moseley – Forthcoming Events:

Sorrento Play Park is a very small playground on Oak Leaf Drive which is off Forest Road in Moseley.


Originally built to support the families in Oak Leaf Drive and Elm Bank, the playground now seems to be seldom used and has the potential to attract anti-social behaviour into the area.

The Neighbourhood Wardens, Cllr Lisa Trickett and a number of other stakeholders are looking into the options for the future of this area. Ideally we would like it to remain a community resource as something like a community garden or a wildlife space. If we can’t find a creative community use for the space, it will probably be turfed over or built on by developers.

To explore the possibilities for the space, a Friends of Sorrento Park group is being formed, and there are are two upcoming events for people who would like to know more.

There is an informal, drop in event, at the park, on the morning of Sunday 29 March 10.30 – 12.30 where people can register their interest, meet the Neighbourhood Wardens and ask any questions they may have.

Then on April 28th there will be a more formal public meeting, with representatives from the Council and key stakeholders to discuss the options ahead. That meeting will be at Moseley Exchange from 7.30.

There is a blog for the play park at and you can sign up for the public meeting at

We hope to have as many interested residents and community organisations involved in these plans as possible, so that we can make this space a vibrant new community green space for Moseley!

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Event: Discover Cycling with Pushbikes

Birmingham’s cycle campaign group is opening its 2015 season with two special events in Moseley in March.

Push Bikes, the Birmingham Cycling Campaign, is holding two ‘Discover Cycling’ evenings in the Red Room of the Moseley Exchange on the 17th and 24th March from 7pm until 9pm, all welcome.

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or yet to own your first bike, ‘Discover Cycling’ will show how to choose a bike, explain simple adjustments, demonstrate puncture repair and take the mystery out of all those gears!

For more information please contact Graham Hankins on 07580 528 838 or by email to

What’s going on at the Moseley crossroads? A briefing from Amey

by Councillor Claire Spencer

The councillors and some concerned citizens went to Amey a few weeks ago when concerned were raised about the removal of the pedestrian refuges at the pelican crossings at Moseley crossroads. Amey have been in contact since then, and have created a briefing that we can circulate.

Essentially, the refuges are being replaced, but the works have been more extensive than originally thought, so this has taken longer to resolve. We have been told that this should be completed this week, and will be going back to Amey for a further update if that proves to not be the case.



1.1 Following a road traffic collision (RTC) on 03 February 2015 the traffic signals at Alcester Road/St Mary’s Row in Moseley needed extensive emergency remedial works to the struck pole and damaged underground cable network. Works began immediately on the morning of 3rd February 2015 when the damage was reported. Inspection of the damage at the initial attendance showed that substantial re-cabling and installation of new cable ducts would be required to complete a full repair.
1.2 Because the reactive repairs were going to require significant works on the site, the reactive maintenance team also took the opportunity to deliver recommended safety improvements addressing long standing safety issues at the location, which had been identified due to an earlier RTC which resulted in a fatality. This included adjusting the position of the crossing facilities and pedestrian refuges to ensure the highway conformed to current Department for Transport (DfT) standards.
1.3 A programmed carriageway surfacing scheme was planned on Edgbaston Road East to Salisbury Road and also the slip road at St Marys Row to commence on 23 February 2015 for five days.
1.4 Therefore it became clear that duct installations must be completed prior to the laying of surface courses and so the reactive signal repair works were coordinated with the surfacing work to ensure minimum occupation of highway and maximum benefit from the works.
1.5 Works notifications for the surfacing works including letters to affected residents and businesses and emails to elected members were sent before the RTC occurred and therefore did not include details of the any reactive signal repairs. ‘No Waiting’ signs and ‘Advance Warning’ signs were also placed on the streets one month in advance of the resurfacing works.
1.6 The works were discussed on a City Council / Amey Customer Interface call on Monday 23rd February 2015 when misunderstandings about the nature of the works began to become apparent.


2.1 Lack of Communication with Relevant Groups / Parties
2.1.1 Amey accept that communication to affected parties on this work should have been better. It is accepted that the intention to deliver a fully repaired and potentially safer junction arrangement has to be the right thing to do.
2.1.2 However, once it was clear that the work was going to take substantially longer that a straight forward traffic signal replacement, Amey should have carried out a comprehensive communication strategy to avoid confusion and unnecessary concern as expressed by residents and Ward Councillors.
2.1.3 In order to rectify this Amey have sent out communication to Ward Members and affected frontagers explaining the situation and timescale for repair.
2.2 Confusion over temporary removal of pedestrian refuges
2.2.1 Amey accept that by removing these refuges they set off a chain of concern that has caused unnecessary stress to all parties. The actions being undertaken on site are intended to deliver a safer and more easily maintained signal junction whilst maintaining all existing signals and refuges.
2.2.2 These have NOT been permanently removed and will be going back in albeit in a very slightly amended position to conform to DfT standards. The reason for them being temporarily removed is simply due to efficient coordination of works and to allow surfacing work to be completed more expediently.
2.2.3 It is hoped that by sending out an appropriately worded communication to affected parties this will then remove any confusion.
2.3 Potential Impact on Farmer’s Market
2.3.1 Amey put actions were put in place to ensure that the Farmer’s market was able to take place successfully on 01 March 2015 with Amey having ensured that surfacing work was complete beforehand and providing traffic control supervision over the weekend. Verbal reports indicate that the event took place successfully and was not unduly disrupted by the works.
2.4 Coordination with an upcoming Birmingham Cycle Revolution scheme
2.4.1 Amey will contact the City Council’s Transportation Projects team to see if there is any opportunity to coordinate this depending on the nature and timing of the works.


Birmingham and local democracy – take part in a discussion

Standing Up For Birmingham

Birmingham and local democracy – discussions around the city

Birmingham City Council has started a dialogue around what residents think about local democracy – how it is, and how it should be in over the next ten years.

Four public meetings are being held around the city for those who want to join in the discussion with local councillors, council officers and community groups.

The meetings will be held from 6-8pm, at the dates and venues below. Go here for an overview of the consultation and to fill in a survey about community governance.

Click on the links below to book a place at a specific meetings.

East Birmingham

16 March – South Yardley Library, Yardley Road B25 8LT

South Birmingham

17 March – Beeches Management Centre, 76 Selly Oak Road B30 1LS

Central/West Birmingham

18 March – Newtown Community Centre, 57 Newbury Road B19 2SW

North Birmingham


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Volunteers needed for litter pick this Sunday!

Hello All.

Thanks to some funding from Birmingham City Council we are holding an event called:

“This Brum Girl Can Clean Our Streets”, a community litter pick to celebrate International Women’s Day and promote community action, in this case, litter picking as an alternative form of exercise.

We will be meeting at 1.30pm on Sunday 8th March at the Iceland Car Park in Kings Heath. We will litter pick up and down the high street and finish with healthy refreshments around 3pm.

Please follow this link to sign up and volunteer, children are welcome if accompanied by a parent.

brum girl