Third update: Moseley crossroads repairs

by Councillor Claire Spencer

Shortly after publishing an update a few days ago, I spoke to someone from Highways at Birmingham City Council, who made it clear that Amey’s haste to schedule the works to align with the resurfacing of the adjacent part Alcester Road may have led to the (unplanned) delays we have experienced locally. I appreciate that trying to align works in order to minimise disruption was a commendable aim, but the poor execution of both the works and the communication around those works has led to a lot of confusion and frustration for people who live in, visit or travel through Moseley.

The latest update, received on Friday, notes that the latest delay is due to the old tram lines:

The ground was previously home to tram tracks which has meant and incredibly thick concrete (c2 foot thick) was used, hence our crews are excavating at a rate of 3 linear metres, with a depth of 300ml on each day shift. This falls far below what we would expect crews to be able to dig in any normal shift.

This is something that could have been addressed with a more robust planning phase to the works, and we will need to be assured that lessons are learned and applied from this experience.

The new completion date is now April 20th – and I very much hope that I will not be writing another blog then to explain a further delay.

In better news, this time is being used to consider whether we can extend the crossing phase of these lights – a long-mooted suggestion – without causing delays, and I hope that we will have some good news on how that might be implemented after the election.


One thought on “Third update: Moseley crossroads repairs

  1. This is utter madness. Will you be seeking compensation from the contractor? This morning’s farce (witnessed at 9.40am) meant that each direction got its own time slice, so traffic was moving at approximately half the volume. Meanwhile, a load of Traffix vans/lorries were parked up full of blokes enjoying their bacon sarnies. It’s unacceptable and, ultimately, the council is responsible.

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